how to make a graver out of a screw driver

The only place where a screwdriver is not as good as a chisel is when you need to carve or shave wood with it. You can easily turn your screwdriver into a full-fledged chisel with a bench grinder. Typical woodworking chisels are ground to a 30-degree angle. You need to sharpen only one side of a screwdriver to make an ordinary bevel chisel. ... More

how to make instant iced tea

5/07/2018 Now if you're wondering how to make iced tea in the Instant Pot, I've got you covered. Instant Pot iced tea is ridiculously easy! There are tons of Instant Pot iced tea recipes out there for normal tea or even sweet tea, but this recipe is extra special with the ginger and peach combo. ... More

how to make the best baby back ribs

I wanted to create a phenomenal baby back ribs recipe at home so he can have them whenever he How to make perfect tender, flavorful, hearty smoked pork baby back ribs. The BEST smoked baby back ribs with homemade BBQ rub. ... More

how to make your balls taste good

Some people like dense, heavy matzo balls. Some people like light, fluffy ones. The important thing to understand is that your preference here influences not just the texture, but also the flavor of the matzo balls. ... More

how to play daughter for dessert

25/02/2016 Official video for How by Daughter. How is taken from Daughters new album Not To Disappear, released via 4AD/Glassnote. Buy the album here: iTunes: ht... ... More

how to raise ph in rainwater tank

8/10/2012 I have set up an planted tank with fluval stratum as substrate and have been injecting CO2 to promote plant growth. Its been a week or so and it seems that the PH of the water is going down significantly near 5. I was wondering if anyone can advise me of an effective and safe way to raise the PH of the water. ... More

how to say 954 000 000 000

Calling Triple Zero (000) is the quickest way to get the right emergency service to help you. You can contact Police, Fire or Ambulance in life threatening or emergency situations. You can contact Police, Fire or Ambulance in life threatening or emergency situations. ... More

how to make chocolate steps

Salem, MA. Monday, December 31, 2018 ... More

how to make a vertical vegetable garden

There are a variety of ways to grow a vertical garden. You might grow a vertical garden to decorate a wall with a tapestry of living color and texture or you might grow a vertical garden when horizontal ground space is limited. ... More

how to make meatballs from quorn mince

I bought 2 packs of yellow sticker pork mince recently. There was a post on the Facebook group talking about some meatballs from Waitrose which had added vegetables and pearl barley. ... More

how to make a cat and a dog get along

3/04/2013 Encyclopedia of Dogs Community Categories Dog Breed Discussions How to make a cat and a beagle get along? Hey i just got a beagle named charlie. and I already have 2 ... More

how to make a polar bear

Materials: plastic polar bear (available at Michaels) 2 thick pieces of wood (you can start with one and cut it in half at the same place as where you cut the polar bear) ... More

how to make lo fi hip hop fl studios

LO-FI HIPHOP TUTORIAL⚫FL STUDIO MOBILE Lo-fi hip hop usually uses a boom boom type beat. Lo-fi hip hop has a slow tempo, starting from 70-90 bpm for a subtle touch. ... More

how to make a steadicam youtube

1/4 in. washers (2) (make sure it's large enough to go past the hole in the weight) 2.5 lb weight (get one with handles) Total cost should be under 4 freakin dollars cuz it's awesome! ... More

how to make infused sea salt

DIY Citrus Infused Sea Salt I fell in love with infused sea salts when I went to my local herb and spice shop and found a row of sea salts with unique and tantalizing flavors. Merlot, balsamic, lime infused sea salts were all sitting there waiting to be taken home and used on fish, in mexican food, in curries and on the simple raw tomato and avocado slice. ... More

how to play disc image file

Play home-made Blu-ray movies with Blu-ray Player for Mac. This guide will show you how to play Blu-ray disc, Blu-ray folder, Blu-ray ISO image files and other videos step by step. ... More

how to make title page on word have different header

7/05/2009 · If you need a different header on pages 2 and subsequent, on the header tool bar click on setup choose Different First Page Header. This will allow you to have the document title, page number, etc.. Inserting Section breaks into the document allow you to create individualized headers for each section of the document. ... More

how to automatically open web page

13/02/2016 · (checkbox) Automatically open this site with Internet Explorer in the future Keep going in Microsoft Edge (hyperlink)" OK, so I opened it in Internet Explorer and logged in for my free Wi-Fi. ... More

how to make a diamond youtube

5/11/2017 Rolex diamond bezel By 2175 us highway 22w union NJ 07083 908-964-8909 ... More

how to move rbg channels separately

RBG a new documentary on U.S. Supreme Court Justice and pop icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg Into The Dark a horror series from award-winning producer Jason Blum with 12 episodes (one a month), each inspired by a holiday. Octobers episode, The Body, is naturally Halloween inspired and features a hitman who has to move a body on Halloween night, a task made difficult when everyone is ... More

how to open lg flatron w1643c

A good friend gave my an old LG monitor with minor scratches on the panel and a defective backlight. This page shows how I identified the cause of the failure … ... More

how to run a betting system

American Football & College Football Betting Strategy! Last updated -23rd November, 2017 Most bookmakers offer 30 sports to bet with multiple options, bonus, and promotions, but there is a sport that is on the big list used by bettors in the world, some say that this sport is one of the reasons for the existence of bookmakers. ... More

simon air how to play

Let's all admit that Simon has always been a great, fun game to play, but now it's even better than before! Simon Swipe brings the original joyous fun of Simon with new challenges. My children absolutely love this game especially because of the exciting sounds and lights. I have to point out that I am a fan of this game because it tests and improves your child's memory skills and attention ... More

how to make sour sherbet

Hi Marlene Found your site while looking for a grape sherbet to make with my 8yr old grdson. You asked about other ways to sue grapes. This is a relaxing and enjoyable book and the author includes some neat recipes including one for a focaccia made with ... More

how to make a cheap privacy screen for rental

Room dividers can be useful in a shared kids' room, a studio apartment, or a large loft — but they're often very pricey. If you're on a budget and searching for ways to … ... More

how to make a suit jacket out of paper

Kimono Jackets are trendy through out the year - You can sew them for summer as a light and airy jacket over your tank top or wear them over a romper on chilly night outs.You can wear it over your bath suit as a cover up. Transform your boring dresses or t shirts with a brightly patterned kimono jacket in a brilliant color. I have seen black simple dresses transformed to chic with beautiful ... More

how to make a good grilled cheese sandwich

28/08/2008 You can't make a good grilled cheese sandwich in the microwave! You can use the broiler or the oven or make a fried cheese sandwich in the frying pan. For the broiler/oven method, open-faced sandwiches are best. You take a piece of bread, spread cheese slices or sprinkle grated cheese evenly over the bread, put it in a pan and place it in the oven on high or the broiler. Remove when the cheese ... More

how to equip the chimino custom pay day 2

The Biker Safe contains 6 Commons, 4 Uncommons, 3 Rare, 2 Epic and 1 Legendary - all with a pleasant smell of diesel and rubber. The Biker Safe is free to open upon being obtained in the Card Loot Drop. ... More

how to work out percentage return on rental property

You’ll be able to use some of your finance costs to work out your property profits and use your remaining finance costs to work out your basic rate tax deduction: Tax year Percentage of finance ... More

how to make a slideshow on iphone 6

10/10/2014 · Click any image you want to start (from photos or a particular album), then click on the Share icon below at the left, a screen will show up and just click Slideshow. At the next screen you will have some easy options (add music, transitions, and source). ... More

how to move images down the sequence premiere pro

To tell Premiere to treat a bunch of images as an image sequence, activate Import as Image Sequence in the Media Browser panel menu. Figure 18: Activate the Import as Image Sequence option. With Import as Image Sequence active, select only the first image in the image sequence, right-click, and choose Import. ... More

how to get besiege to run smooth and fats

How To Build A Plane In Besiege Building A 10 X 10 Ground Level Deck How To Build A Plane In Besiege Make Your Own Storage Bed Building Stone Wood Steps Shed Slant Roof Design 11 X 8 Country Time Sheds 12x16 You might go to your library and get ... More

diablo 3 how to play wizard season 11

Diablo 3 Season 11 will kick off on 20 July and it will be the first Season to feature the newly added Necromancer class. Blizzard has now revealed this Season’s rewards. ... More

how to make sugar free chocolate

Make your own homemade chocolate to satisfy a craving or break into tiny pieces and use as chocolate chips in baking. Make your own homemade chocolate to satisfy a craving or break into tiny pieces and use as chocolate ... More

how to make 3d product animation

1080p HD 3d Product Animations . 3d Product Animations are a perfect way to enhance your web presence and create interactive displays for trade shows and sales presentations. ... More

how to say eat in sicilian

5 Sicilian words and phrases Minchia . Minchia (min-kee-ah) is an expression you’ll hear a lot in Sicily. Literally translated, it refers to erm, a part of the male anatomy! ... More

how to make a google map public

To embed the map in a Web page, click the share button at top right (not shown) and make it viewable by the public, then click on "Get embeddable link." You can also share a link to your map to ... More

how to make google search bar open in new tab

21/12/2015 · Neither Bing nor Google or any other Search provider open new tabs when searching through the address bar. Which, incidentally is not the topic of this thread. The way to open a new tab preloaded with a specific website is by external link. ... More

how to make a champagne cork fly

With the cork stopping the gas from escaping, the force of the gas pushes the cork out making the bottle fly! This makes a most fabulous science experiment that kids are obsessed with! This makes a most fabulous science experiment that kids are obsessed with! ... More

how to read promethease report

Promethease Inc. is a popular service that will create a report for 17,000 of our 23,000 genes for only $5. You can obtain this additional service from ... More

how to make the broth of enlightenment

Furthermore, you can also say that Karl Marx was a core believer of enlightenment moderation whose believes can be easily fitted in the contemporary society. Hence, you must first read the religion essay question thoroughly, if needed read it again and again. ... More

how to provide tracking number shopify

You've worked hard to launch your business. That's why Xero and Shopify work just as hard to provide the tools you need, when you need them. So go ahead: track the impact of sales on your business financials all with the ease of a single solution. ... More

how to put cheats on when your playing mineraft pc

It has a few uses: showing off your amazing builds, asking for help with a tricky dungeon, or just playing the world with friends without worrying about paying for a server online. And the latest ... More

how to make non sticky slime with flour

"How To Make Slime With Flour And Dish Soap! Slime 2 Ways.First method is slime without glue, shampoo, lotion or borax and the second method is slime with gl." "No Glue Water Slime! 💦 Testing No Glue Water Slime Recipes Part Two!" "Girl Suffers Third Degree Burns From Making Homemade Slime" "How To Make Fluffy Slime WITHOUT BAKING SODA, Borax, Liquid Starch, Detergent DIY Dish Soap Slime ... More

how to make a fish smoker

This video will show you how to smoke Rainbow Trout in a fish smoker. This method of cooking will leave your fish chewy with a smoked taste that is so fresh you won't want to cook your fish … ... More

how to make almond butter taste better

Homemade almond butter actually does taste better than store-bought you can taste the freshness! This recipe makes the basic raw almond butter using just two ingredients raw whole almonds and salt. ... More

how to make a mini metal foundry

←How to Make the Perfect Soba Noodle; Destiny: THE RAREST VOG WEAPON BEING USED IN CRUCIBLE! → You May Also Like ... More

how to open rar files to mp4

Extract RAR file using WinRAR and you will see a playable video file (with extension like .mp4, ,avi etc. which can be played by VLC or WMP.) Then you will need to download a … ... More

how to play this fire burns

Burn is not the type of deck that wins in a landslide with 10 extra damage, so you need to get this right. Wild Nacatl is the easy one. You will know based on your hand how large it will be, or what your odds are of being able to make it a 3/3 on the following turn (if you don’t have a Sacred Foundry in hand but know you have 3 in your deck, plus 11 fetchlands, you’ve got a better than 25% ... More

how to make farewell song

In a small saucepan bring sugar and water to a boil. Once sugar dissolves, pour the hot sugar-water over basil in a blender. Blend the shit out of it as quickly as possible. (Under 5 minutes.) Strain, contain, let cool and refrigerate. Use to add a little zinger to your day whenever reality falls ... More

how to make leaf roses

Enter your email address to subscribe to Praktic Ideas and receive notifications of new posts by email. ... More

how to make jelly cubes for bubble tea

How to Make Taro Bubble Tea with Boba Tapioca Pearls by the Gallon Bubble Tea Supply Blog. 1. warm water, cold water, taro, tapioca pearls, sugar, ice . Three Ways to Make Bubble Tea Ahead of Thyme. 29. tapioca pearls, ice cubes, ice, black tea, tea, milk, lemon slice and 5 more . Tapioca Floats Eat Beautiful. 1. herbal tea, simple syrup, sea salt, granulated tapioca, water and 4 more . Boba ... More

how to receive mobil calls on pc

Being able to place and receive phone calls free of charge is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family. Voice over Internet Protocol --- or VoIP --- software and services allow anyone with a computer, an Internet connection, and a microphone to place and receive free phone calls straight from their PCs, bypassing the need for costly ... More

how to make a front wheel drive rear wheel drive

Likewise, the rear dropouts must be pressed closer together to fit a narrower "front" wheel. The fork dropouts may need to be filed to fit the drive wheel's axle bolt. The fork dropouts may need to be filed to fit the drive wheel's axle bolt. ... More

how to make pimple go away quickly

Dealing with the inflammation first means you can still face the world! This article will show you exactly how to reduce pimple redness, the easy way ... More

how to make diamonds out of paper

I would make a dozen diamonds and suspend them from an embroidery hoop to create a hanging installation. That's just me. That's just me. An-Magritt created these diamonds from a 3D printable paper templates pattern created by Kate from Mini Eco. ... More

how to play rune factory on pc

Rune Factory is a game of a fantasy and farm simulation which is part of the Harvest Moon series. In this third instalment, we play as a kid who has ammnesia who is helped by a girl, she gives him a farm and teaches him the basics of farming. There is much variety in this game: You can spend your time growing crops, fishing, gathering, exploring dungeons and fighting monsters. ... More

how to prepare shrimp sauce

BANG BANG SAUCE is sweet, spicy, and creamy. It’s such a delicious and easy sauce to make for all kinds of dishes. This Bang Bang Shrimp Sauce is definitely known for the Bonefish Grill namesake appetizer, but this homemade version is even better! ... More

how to make a hot box for cooking

Use the center rack of the oven for even cooking. Rotate the Pan Halfway through the cooking time, rotate the pan 180 degrees. Done The cake is done when it's firm to the touch. Toothpick Test A ... More

python how to read trp files

Create a Python file with the following code to read your Access file. Don't forget to replace the example file paths with the actual ones. Don't forget to replace the example file … ... More

how to make makki ki roti

The traditional way of making it would be make balls of the dough, flatten and shaped using the palms of both the hands, where there is a to and fro transfer of the dough between the palms. ... More

how to make page landscape and portrait in pages

21/04/2010 This tutorial will demonstrate using section breaks to isolate the landscape pages, unlinking the sections, and customizing one of the default page number options in Word. Category Howto & ... More

how to make donough dogh

How to make mother dough: Stacy Nguyen has a clear infographic which neatly sums up the basics of making a mother dough. As you'll see, all you need to start is water, unbleached flour and a container. She admits the infographic is too rudimentary to describe the specific nuances of sourdough making, ... More

how to make dustbin from cardboard

Otherwise known as the standard recycling bin, our commingled recycling bin takes a mix of plastic, glass, steel and aluminium. They’re a quick, simple, ideal solution for small businesses who want to recycle without the time and space burden of multiple bins. ... More

how to make white converse white again

The Toothpaste Trick For White Converse DIYholic on YouTube If your specifically trying to get your white Converse back to their original, bright shade, try this DIY toothpaste based trick. ... More

how to make american girl doll clothes

4/08/2016 · Hey guysss! In this video, I will be teaching you guys how to make 3 cute and fashionable items for your American Girl doll! They are super cute and easy to make because it does not require sewing! ... More

how to make a felted wool hat

See more What others are saying "How to make doll felt hats Puppen Hute" "I've received many inquiries about how I make the wool hats that I often wear, so I'm finally doing a ... More

how to make homemade gyro meat

Usually authentic gyros is make from skewering heavily seasoned meat (often chicken or lamb, sometimes pork) and cooking it slowly on the rotisserie (gyro actually translates to ... More

how to make spanish omelette recipe

Spanish omelette recipe. Learn how to cook great Spanish omelette . deliver fine selection of quality Spanish omelette recipes equipped with ratings, reviews and mixing tips. ... More

how to play psychological mind games with people

Impress your friends with these mind-blowing tricks. You don’t need expensive equipment, just an imaginative mind. These tricks were inspired by this Reddit thread and are a must try. Next time you and your friends are bored and have nothing interesting to do, try these psychological tricks on ... More

how to make your hair long strong and healthy

A poor diet may make your hair go weak and it takes longer time to notice the changes in your hair unlike skin. Luckily weve got some best super foods to suggest when it comes to beauty. Luckily weve got some best super foods to suggest when it comes to beauty. ... More

how to open raw image files

Navigate to any RAW image file you have, highlight it, and click Open. If a funky looking window opens up with your picture in it (looks like the image above), you already have UFRAW installed. If you get a warning that you cant open the RAW file with GIMP, you will need to install a separate RAW converter. ... More

how to make a google slides with voice over

Google Slides is a part of Google Docs and is completely free to use. PowerPoint is a part of Microsoft Office package. Therefore, in order to use it, you need to have a license for Microsoft Office. ... More

how to put a bike wheel on with disc brakes

The cable disc brakes on my CX bike are ok but the hydraulic brakes on a rented MTB bike where outstanding in comparison. Going through muddy puddles will, just like rim brakes, cause the disc brakes to emit a worrying grinding noise which requires the brakes to be dabbed to clean the disc. ... More

how to make lego tardis

LEGO Kids Experience. Find all the newest LEGO sets, videos, characters and games in one place! Browse around our many products, see whats trending, watch one of our many cool videos and play our fun webgames! Fun for hours! For Grown-ups ... More

how to say you are cute in french

16/02/2009 Best Answer: You can say it man yways: You're hot: Tu es chaud *you can use T'es as a short cut and use sexy instead of chaud. You're cute: Tu es mignon. But mignon is more cute like a kitten or somthing like that. It's ok for young kids, but unless a special context I wouldn't use it to describ a boy if I ... More

how to make lips super soft

How to make your lips soft and pink naturally. November 18, 2017 There is a certain kind of beauty that cannot be separated from pink lips. Everybody knows this; that's why a lot of people would do almost anythin . Winnie Mandela Admitted To Hospital For A Kidney Infection. Sixteen Nurses Get Pregnant At Arizona Hospital. Brazil Suffers Health Care Crisis As Sistema Unico de Saude (SUS) System ... More

how to run ios diagnostics ios 11

Run simple diagnostics on your iOS apps: Part I Learn some basic diagnostic techniques that are extremely simple to set up and use, but not always obvious to the new iOS developer. ... More

how to make a quick quilt

I can see this as a great way to make a quick picnic blanket, too. View in gallery I hope you enjoy your DIY reversible summer quilts, too…almost as much as you enjoy your summer itself. ... More

how to make dinosaur out of paperplate

Welcome to USP Craft Studios In this video we will be making dinosaur with paper plate and toilet roll in easy steps possible. Thank you. Welcome to USP Craft Studios In this video we will be making dinosaur with paper plate and toilet roll in easy steps possible. Thank you.. Diy, How, Paper, Art, Make… ... More

how to play dunnet on terminal

18/11/2012 · How to play dunnet, and a little head start... ... More

how to make pesto to freeze

A lot of people freeze basil in pesto form, and that’s totally fine, but I like the simplicity and flexibility of just freezing basil solo. It’s a breeze to do, and you can do as much or as little as you want at a time. Basil plants grow better when you’re constantly picking from them—so every few weeks, do a heavy harvest, freeze the bounty, and then repeat until your freezer is ... More

how to run powercli script

Currently the following is my path for launching the VMware vSphere PowerCLI command prompt. I wish to run my sample.ps1 script automatically using a batch file. ... More

kiowa love flute how to make

See more What others are saying "Again, "stick" pencils. this time from the Boy Scouts, surprisingly enough."" My pencil collecting father would love them." ... More

how to make cable ties longer

When using zip or twist ties, don't overtighten, as too much tension damages softer cable jackets. Also, overtightening twist ties can make it difficult to cut the cables free later. If you can ... More

how to make a speaker out of a paper plate

In this video I show you how to make a bird nest using a paper plate and bowl. This is a great project to celebrate the return of Spring. To get the free printable document, go to This is a great project to celebrate the return of Spring. ... More

how to move images on imovie 2016

To move your picture to a different place, tap in the center of the picture and drag it. HOW DO I INSERT, POSITION, AND RESIZE IMAGES ON PAGES FOR IPAD - … ... More

how to make your own above ground pool

However, to get the most enjoyment out of your above-ground pool you need a wood deck that surrounds it. Not only will you never again have to climb a pool ladder, but a deck will also create a fun-in-the-sun gathering place for family and friends. It gives you a ... More

how to make readmore button in blogger

How to install Facebook Share Count Button on your Blogger Blog? 1.Select one of the Share Button Styles and copy the Corresponding Code. 2.Now login to your Blogger Dashboard and navigate to Layout > Edit Html and check the check box which says “Expand widget templates” ... More

how to make slime without glue with borax

Try our unicorn poop slime recipe without borax. We show the ingredients and step by step how to process. We show the ingredients and step by step how to process. How To Make Unicorn Poop Slime Without Borax, Recipe Guide ... More

how to make beach waves with a straightener

How to Make Beach Waves in Your Hair With a Flat Iron. One of the easiest ways to get beach waves is right at the beach. This isn't an option for everyone howev ... More

how to open ppf account online in axis bank

You can know the PPF Account Opening details on this page. Before opening PPF Account, you need to check the required documents list. Also, you have to know the PPF Conditions and terms to open Public Provident Fund Account. ... More

how to make grated carrot salad

Carrot Raisin Salad This colorful carrot salad is one of my mother-in-law's favorites. It's fun to eat because of its crunchy texture, and the raisins give a slightly sweet flavor. ... More

how to make a train cake easy

After some fun playtime and delicious train cake, we watched a new direct-to-DVD adventure, Tale of the Brave. We own other Thomas DVDs, but this one is my new favorite because the characters each have their own voice and more expressions on their faces. ... More

how to make your own rope dog toy

These rope toys made out of fleece are so easy and fast to make. Even your kids can help you out with these. We are going to the Humane Society to participate in their Paws for Literacy program and I remembered I have some of these dog toys on hand that were listed in my Etsy shop. ... More

how to make a clutch purse with metal frame

DIY Tutorial: Clutch Purse on a Metal Frame Recently, I was asked to make clutch purses for a wedding with five bridesmaids. When I was asked to do this, I had no problem...except for that she wanted metal frames on them! ... More

how to make a sign in minecraft pe

Use a valid email address to sign up. We will send you a link on it, to validate your account. We will send you a link on it, to validate your account. is not affiliated with Minecraft PE ... More

how to make a double sided puzzle

use two of your own photos to make a double-sided double-shaped puzzle. two very different photos make the puzzle easier. similar photos with repeating images like flowers or seashells make the puzzle more challenging. ... More

how to make fitted wardrobes

Extend the life of your current wardrobe. Leave the doors/ external on your existing robe and freshen it up with a new set of interiors. Leave the doors/ external … ... More

how to raise ark base off the ground

For more help on ARK Aberration, you can check out our Plant Species Z Guide, Rock Drake Guide, and Base Building Guide. In this content, ARK has received many new creatures as well. ... More

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how to play the ballad of mona lisa on guitar

Panic! At The Disco's music video for 'The Ballad of Mona Lisa' from the album, Vices & Virtues - available now on DCD2 Records / Fueled By Ramen.

how to play wwe 2k17 xbox one

11/10/2016 · WWE 2K17 Xbox One Publisher: 2K Sports Championship and the other new titles in this new era of WWE, but there’s a lot of content and fighters with which play dozens of hours. All this publication's reviews; Read full review; Windows Central. Oct 23, 2016. 70. The WWE 2K series needs a comprehensive tutorial more than anything. Hopefully that's on the agenda for next year's game. WWE

how to make normal paprika smoked

Watch how to make this recipe. For the dressing: Whisk the oil, vinegar, paprika, salt and pepper in a small bowl until smooth. For the couscous: Heat the oil over medium …

how to make a stump puller

Soften the wood of the stump. Wait for a day after a rainstorm when the wood will be softer and more pliable after absorbing water. This is not necessary, but will make the job easier. Wait for a day after a rainstorm when the wood will be softer and more pliable after absorbing water.

how to make csgo less laggy 2017

30/12/2016 · Do You Have Any Firearms - I Dont Answer Questions - Oath Violator Steven G. Ross 129331 - Duration: 19:09. John Filax Recommended for you

how to make gravy with coconut flour

Add olive oil to a frying pan or pot. On medium heat add the flour and fry it for 3 minutes. Add the coconut milk and mix. Cook for 10 minutes or until the gravy is the desired …

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